java and java script

java and java Script:

Java is an undeniable level programming language created by Sun Microsystems. It was initially intended for creating programs for set-top boxes and handheld gadgets however later turned into a well known decision for making web applications.The Java punctuation is like C++, yet is totally an item situated programming language. For instance, most Java programs contain classes, which are utilized to characterize items, and techniques, which are doled out to individual classes. Java is likewise known for being more severe than C++.

Differences Explain Here.


  • Netscape developed javascript.
  • Javascript is a scripting language.
  • Javascript is loose typing.
  • Code integrated and embedded in HTML.
  • Variable information types not proclaimed in javascript


  • Object references should exist at assemble time.
  • Java is a full-fledged programming language
  • Java is strong typing.
  • Applets unmistakable from HTML.
  • Variable data type declare must be declared in Java.

Benefits of Javascript.

  1. Javascript is not difficult to learn.

     2 Javascript is stage Independence.

     3 Javascript is quick with short turn of events.

     4 Javascript is little size scripts

Disservices of Javascript.

Since JavaScript code is executed on the client-side, bugs and oversights can at times be taken advantage of for malignant purposes. Along these lines, certain individuals decide to very much incapacitate JavaScript.

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