Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software

There are two basic parts of Computer machine.

 1 Hardware

 2 Software


Hardware is any aspect of a pc machine which we will see or contact. There are two kinds of hardware

i. Components.

ii. Peripherals.

i) Component are the piece of hardware that are internal within side the machine Unit. Example: RAM, Processor, Hard Disk, Power Supply etc

ii) Peripherals are any piece of hardware that may be connected to System Unit. Example: Keyboard, Printer, Mouse, Scanner etc.

2. SOFTWARE Is a set of programs, processes and documentation so one can make bodily additives in pc to perform a little task. Or Set of commands that we will‟t contact are referred to as software. For Example: MS Office, Windows XP, Paint etc.

There are kinds of software

i. Application Software

ii. System Software

i) Application Software  is a fixed of 1 or greater application designed to perform operation for a specified application. Ex: Paint, MS Word, MS Excel etc.

II) System Software Also called a machine Package is a fixed of 1 or greater application designed to manipulate the operations of a pc machine. Ex: Window XP, Window ninety eight etc.

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