HTML Explain:

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the arrangement of markup images or codes embedded into a document expected for show on the Internet. The markup advises internet browsers how to show a website page’s words and pictures.

DHTML Explain:

Dynamic HTML isn’t a markup or programming language yet a term consolidates the elements of different web improvement innovations for making the pages dynamic and intuitive.

Differences are Explain:


  • HTML is a Hypertext Markup language
  • Hypertext markup language.
  • HTML doesn’t have a server side code..
  • Plain page with next to no contents and style as called as HTML
  • Handling from the program not needed in HTML
  • Database connectivity not required HTML
  • HTML permits no adjustment of the pages without getting back to the webserver first


  • DHTML is a Dynamic Hypertext markup language
  • DHTML stands for Dynamic.
  • Page with HTML,CSS and scripts called as DHTML
  • DHTML have server-side code.
  • Client-side advancements quick in HTML.
  • Handling from program expected in DHTML
  • Data set availability expected in DHTML coding

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