What is Printer

 What is Printer:

printer is an Output gadget which changes over the text and graphical records from electronic structure to the actual structure.Yield gadget is produce text and picture on to the paper.For the most part they are the outside fringe gadgets which are associated with the PCs or workstations through a link or remotely to get input information and print them on the papers.

There are three significant kinds of Printer.

  1. Speck Matrix Printer
  2. Inkjet Printer
  3. Laser Printer

Speck Matrix Printer: Speck lattice printer is an effect printer that produces text and illustrations when small wire pins on the print head strike the ink lace. The print head runs back and forward on the paper like typewriter. At the point when the inks trip pushes on the paper,it makes dabs that structure text and pictures. Bigger number of pins impliest hat the printer prints more specks per character, consequently bringing about higher print quality. 

1. Can be utilized on constant type of paper, helpful for information logging.
2. Low printing cost per page.
3. The ink strip doesn’t effortlessly dry out
4. It is more affordable than different printers.

1. Boisterous
2. Restricted print quality
3. Low printing Speed
4. Restricted variety printing

Inkjet Printer: Inkjet printers are non-influence printers which print text picture s by showering little drops of fluid ink onto the paper. In Inkjet printer fluid ink is use.It prints characters by splashing examples of ink on the paper from a spout or fly that can warmed up specifically.The ink emerges from the spout in a type of fumes. Subsequent to going through a reflecting plate,it frames the ideal letter/shape at the ideal spot. 

1. Minimal expense
2. Calmer than dab network printer
3. Simple to utilize
4. Great of Output, Capable of printing fine and smooth subtleties
5. Capably quick

1. Printing Speed isn’t great as contrast with Laser printer
2. Costly substitution ink cartridges
3. Fluid ink is delicate to water; even a little drop of water can cause obscuring.
4. Can’t utilize Highlighter marker on inkjet printouts.
5. Not great for high volume printing.

Laser Printer: Laser printers are non Impact printers which print text and pictures in high velocity and top caliber goal, going from 600 to 1200 dpi.Laser printers are the most famous printers that are chiefly utilized for huge scope subjective printing.They are among the most  prevalently utilized quickest printers that anyone could hope to find on the lookout. A laser printer utilizes a slight different methodology for printing. It doesn’t utilize ink like inkjet printers, rather it utilizes an extremely fine powder known as “Toner‟. Laser printers are the page printers,which print each page in turn.Primary part of the laser printer are a laser bar source, multi sided reflect, a photo conductive drum,and toner.

1. High Resolution
2. High printing speed
3. Minimal expense per page (contrast with inkjet printer)
4. Printout isn’t delicate to water
5. Really great for High Volume printing.

1. More Expensive than inkjet printer
2. The expense of toner substitution and Drum substitution is high
3. Bulkier than inkjet printer
4. Warm up to required.

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