Types of Operating System

Types of Operating System:

Operating System prepared into following types:

1. Single-User/Single Tasking Operating System
2. Single-User/Multitasking Operating System
3. Multi-User/Multitasking Operating System

1. Single-User/Single Tasking Operating System:- An Operating System that lets in a  consumer to carry out simply one challenge at a time is referred to as SingleUser/Single Tasking Operating System. MS DOS is the instance of Single-User/Single Tasking Operating System.

2. Single-User/Multitasking Operating System:- An running device that lets in a consumer to carry out or greater capabilities at once. It takes a unique running device to maintain or greater duties strolling at once. The maximum typically used private computer systems normally run such running device, together with Microsoft window and Macintosh running device.

3. Multi-User/Multitasking Operating System:- An Operating System that lets in a couple of customers to makes use of packages which can be concurrently strolling on a community server referred to as a Terminal Server. When a laptop is hooked up to a server to get entry to report documents to edit, the customer laptop plays the processing paintings locally. So with a multi-User running System, which offers every consumer a whole surroundings referred to as a consumer consultation at the server. A Multi-User/Multitasking running device runs on a laptop to which many consumer connect, every consumer can run his/her personal consultation at the server.

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