What is asp.net.

What is asp.net:

ASP.Net is a web improvement stage given by Microsoft. It is utilized for making electronic applications.ASP.Net applications can likewise be written in an assortment of .Net dialects.These incorporate C#, VB.Net, and J#. The ASP represents Active Server Pages,and .NET is Network Enabled Technologies.

History of asp.net:

ASP.Net was first delivered in the year 2002. The main rendition of ASP.Net conveyed was 1.0. The latest variant of ASP.Net is form 4.6. ASP.Net is intended to work with the HTTP convention. It is the standard convention utilized across all web applications.

Why learn asp.net?

ASP.Net is a fast and minimal expense programming language that is broadly used to make sites and applications. It is extremely simple to learn and requires insignificant arrangement and assets. Besides, it is a broadly utilized and exceptionally well known programming language. There are enormous open doors accessible for .NET developers around the world; in this manner, it is an excellent choice for fledgling software engineers to learn.

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